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Our Story

The dynamic due, the McGraw Twinz, are a hip-hop musical sensation with a soulful flavor that incorporates rap with a taste of gospel, jazz, and R&B.

Their musical careers began in the early 80s in the “Dirty South” in the twin cities, Helena and West Helena, Arkansas on the school grounds where Linda aka “Ore00” would freestyle to Gwen’s aka “Double” human beat box challenging other local rappers.

They quickly became well known for their “gut-busting” lyrical flow and hip beats. After hearing a commercial for “the Really Big Show”, a local talent contest held at Phillips Community College, their fans encouraged them to audition, thus the Rappin Twins was formed.

They began writing more original songs with the hopes getting signed to a major label. While gospel rap was slowly beginning to emerge and hittin' the airwaves: they pressed on, ministering in local churches and performing on shows where it was accepted.

In the summer of 1994, the twins were asked to record a radio commercial for Talent search 94, which was sponsored in part by the American Association of Blacks and Energy, and be the opening act.

With the explosion of hip-hop in the late 90s, the dynamic duo chose to produce music that told their story. Their determination and mere love for music was a catalyst in creating a catalog of hundreds of songs ranging from gut busting raps to heartfelt inspirational praise and worship songs.

In the spring of 2003 they began recording their demo. Due to great reviews and request from their fans to purchase their music, in the fall of 2004, the McGraw Twinz launched LuvIt Records, an independent record label, and Forced Entry was released.


Listen to samples of our music.

  • Freshmen Album
  • 2004 LuvIt Records
  • Sophomore Album
  • 2006 LuvIt Records
  • Singles
  • Do You Remember
  • Material Things
  • Bring It in The World


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